Novelty betting is a growing phenomenon among the great British public.

Some people see Specials and Novelty markets as for ‘fun’ only, but they are actually a great way to profit – if you know on who, what, where and when to bet just be imaginative and do your research!

Novelty bets are largely based on personal opinion. It is impossible for bookmakers to make very accurate predictions, and therefore they make mistakes when offering odds.

Here at NoveltyBet.co.uk we pride ourselves on our ability to spot generous odds when it comes to novelty betting. We aim to give you the best possible information in order for you to profit from special and novelty bets!

Winning Novelty Bets

in 1989, an anonymous Welshman generated one of the biggest payouts in history by betting on the outcome of several unrelated events.

The Welshman, a man of modest means, placed an accumulator bet which included bets on Cliff Richard 4/1 being knighted before the turn of the millennium, U2 staying together past the turn of the millennium 3/1 and both EastEnders 5/1 and Neighbours 5/1 remaining part of the BBC programming schedule until at least the year 2000.

Once he had placed all these bets at cumulative odds of 6,479/1, the Welshman paid £30 into the pot, and the incident was promptly forgotten.

However, 11 years later the Welshman reappeared at the same betting shop with a threadbare betting slip and a request that his accumulator be paid out. Every one of the mans selections had won.

A shocked Ladbrokes paid out £194,400 the largest novelty odds payout in history.


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